One nice summer sunset in Deerfield, Illinois photographed by Jacob Rosenfeld for Unmanned Pix

Unmanned Pix (UP) is located in the northern suburbs of Chicago and was founded in 2017 by me, Jacob Rosenfeld. I am an architectural portfolio and product photographer that has spent years capturing space and design with both feet on the ground. I started my studio Jacob Rosenfeld Photography 10 years ago. While I still eagerly take on ground-based photo assignments, I’ve become fascinated with being able to see and capture vantage points that are not easily accessible to humans.

I wasn’t always a photographer, however. I have a design degree in architecture (BA) from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. I’ve worked in architectural firms large and small, the biggest being Skidmore, Owings & Merrill — both here in the States and in Europe. In 1997, just prior to earning my degree, I founded my first business, a freelance web / graphic design firm called 4D, Inc. — which also included photography services. 4D stands for “Dynamic Digital Design Development”, but “4D” simply became much easier to communicate.

So that’s a little bit about me. Whenever I’m not flying drones, I can usually be found spending time with my family, playing with the latest tech toys, advancing my knowledge in some way, or looking at pictures. I love studying spatial geometries, structure, transparency, solar movement, light, shadow & reflection, and I’m fascinated in how the endless combinations of those elements shape the world around us. Capturing those details… creating images — whether from the sky -or- the ground is my life, and I’m passionate about what I do. Contact Me today, and let’s discuss what I can capture for you!